Virtual Configurator

Change materials in real-time, and showcase all your options to your customers

See different variations in Realtime

After you have designed a space for your client, allow them to play / experiment with different colors and materials in realtime. Avoid rendering the same scene again with different materials/colors..

  • Floor
  • Wall Colors
  • Fabric of Sofa / Bed
  • Wall Panel / Wall Paper
  • Counter Top
  • Cabinates

Benefit's of a Virtual Configurator

Engaging presentation tools

Interactive and flexible presentation tools that captivate the audience, enhance the overall presentation experience, and potentially increase conversion rates

Portable product catalog

Having access to the entire product catalog on-the-go allows sales representatives to quickly and easily showcase a broad range of products and provide customers with relevant information

Increased sales potential

Proper product presentations can help sales representatives to highlight the unique features of a product, increase customer interest, and ultimately increase sales conversions

Cost-effective sales and logistics

You don't have to code to create your own site. Select one of available themes in the Mobirise sitebuilder.

Unique market differentiation

By providing an enhanced presentation experience, businesses can differentiate themselves from their competitors, stand out in the market and offer unique value propositions to their customers

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